Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chinese to Go

After a nailbiting 36-35 victory over Leyendas Alpha, WARsconsinDairy took the battlefield against what appeared to be a formidable foe. The opponent, OOXX, already had 40 victories to their credit. Previously we hadn't seen an opponent with more than 28 victories - so this looked like a tough one.

And it proved to be ..... a yawner. The final score was 36 nil. OOXX never actively engaged. Like our opponent two wars back (Tong Deung Laos, which we defeated 28-0) OOXX is an Asian-based clan and because of the timezone differences we jumped out to a large lead at the opening bugle call. When they awoke from their sleep and saw the score was nearly 30 nil, OOXX apparently made the decision they couldn't overcome our start and decided not to waste troops trying.

The winning attack goes to Alex who started it all off with a strong 3-star on OOXX's #2 player. Only 8 attacks were launched by OOXX with EDsterminate seeing 5 of them, Ethan seeing 2, and kto9 one.

CofC War Stats gave EDsterminate the 'Most Heroic Attack' award - though how they ridiculously determined that everyone is still laughing about wants to know. War Stats did not award a most heroic defense to any of our 8 defenses. I'd give it to Ethan.

Quick Notes:
Total Wins: 17
Most Recent: Def. OOXX 36-0
Last 10: 7-1-2
Last Loss: R3APERZ 34-35 (7-4-2014)

From the chat box:
We're awaiting the first photo of EDsterminate with his new t-shirt emblazoned with "kto9 is my hero" on it.


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